Unstoppable Fitness Coach, Hip-Hop Artist, and Motivational Speaker, Blaze Goldsmith, is Making Waves

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2020 / Keeping motivated to remain fit as a big challenge for almost everyone. There are no shortcuts to staying physically strong and healthy. Somewhere down the road, people tend to be lazy and compromise their exercise routines. That is why it is essential to stay motivated and to have someone serve as a guide when days get challenging to hurdle.

Stay motivated by identifying someone trustworthy and deserves respect. This person should have the integrity and track record to be able to guide people in the right path. If the objective is to build one’s positivity and general outlook in life, a life coach or mentor who champions optimism is the best choice. A 14-year fitness coach, Hip-Hop artist, and motivational speaker, Blaze Goldsmith, is the complete package.

Blaze specializes in training people on how to achieve their ideal body weight. He also coaches them on maintaining a healthy perspective of life by looking at adversities as an opportunity to learn and not a hurdle. The fitness enthusiast mostly coaches male clients but also works well with females. He studies each need and comes up with ways to help them improve their overall well-being.

He has also made a significant impact on amateur and professional athletes alike. His passion for physical fitness has also reached very young clients who are inclined towards sports. Helping his clients meet their target is of utmost importance to Blaze. Seeing them achieve their goals is motivation enough for him to reach out to more people who need his guidance.

Aside from being a fitness coach, Blaze also excels as a Hip-Hop artist under the label of Ice Squad Entertainment. The thriving artist is also quite active in both underground and mainstream music scenes. He grew up surrounded by music at home as his father was a DJ. This influence inspired him to pursue music courses in high school and college. He was to learn later that music has become an integral part of his life and that he can use it to send a message of positivity to others.

As a motivational speaker, Blaze has been accepting invitations left and right from schools, big corporations, to prisons. He believes that it is his positive energy and outlook in life that excites people to have him speak to them. He is also best known for his animated and honest delivery of the message. Speaking from the heart and holding nothing back is his trademark as a sought after public speaker.

For Blaze, there are so many people in our respective communities waiting to be inspired even by ordinary life stories. Most people feel that their personal experiences do not have any bearing compared to those who went through so many adversities and lived to tell the tale. He thinks that every story is worth mentioning and listening to. No matter how simple it may sound, there is always some nugget of wisdom that can be taken.

Blaze hopes to spark this same mindset on his followers and clients. To him, more than just telling one’s story is being able to reach out to people and make a significant impact on their lives. Life is too short to hold back. Ride the waves of life with Blaze as a guide.

Connect with Goldsmith today by following his Instagram account BlazetheLion. He can also be reached through iraiselions@gmail.com or at 954-663-8137.

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