Bernet International – Finance Director to Step Down as Part of Shake-Up

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2020 / Bernet International have announced in a recent press conference, that their long standing Finance Director Lao Lingxin is leaving his position as part of a structural shake up within the company. The aim of the reshuffle is help build on the firms’ record breaking year in 2019, while increasing revenue for the 2021 financial year.

Bernet International have offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo will promote the current Assistant Finance Director Ross Graham to the position in the coming weeks. Mr. Graham who has been a key member of Bernet international for the past five years, was held in high regard by his predecessor who put his name forward as his direct replacement.

Bernet International confirmed in January that the company was “reviewing its management team” without going into full details, and also commented that “After a full review, a further announcement will be made, firstly to shareholders and then to the public”. Bernet International who have been going from strength to strength over the previous two years, decided that a reshuffle was just what the company needed to progress further. The company announced surprisingly positive numbers for the first quarter of this year, despite the global coronavirus pandemic, with shareholders more than happy with Bernet Internationals’ performance.

Although Mr. Lingxin is stepping down from his position, he will still hold an advisory role for Bernet International, and will help smooth the transition for the newly appointed finance director. Mr. Graham who has spoken of his new strategy to propel the company to new heights, which includes expanding the companies operations to Africa and South America over the course of the next five years.

In a statement from a company spokesperson, Bernet International confirmed their confidence in their choice. “Appointing Mr. Graham as the company’s new Financial Director will solidify Bernet International’s progress that has been made over the last few years. We hope that with his experience and energy, Mr. Graham will build on the foundations that have been laid before him by Mr. Lingxin and help take Bernet International to the next level.”

During his years at Bernet International Mr. Lingxin helped diversify the companies’ client base, and oversaw the opening of the secondary office in Tokyo. Mr. Lingxin has said he plans to do all he can to assist the company and new Finance Director to further increase the reach on a global scale.

Bernet international has been offering their clients a large selection of financial advice and services since 2013. Working with individuals and companies, Bernet International aims to construct and execute efficient and effective strategies that are proven to generate the returns that their clients are looking for. Bernet international believes that the client should always come first, and works to ensure that they make a positive impact on your financial future.


Xu Zhu – International Press correspondent
Bernet International

SOURCE: Bernet International

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