Well That Stinks… How Bad Smells Can Kill Any Deal

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2020 / Humans have been blessed with at least five official senses – sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. They all serve an equally important role in keeping us safe and guiding us through life.

The importance of first impressions is undeniable be it job interviews, first dates or shopping for real estate. Yes – even real estate! Whether shopping for a perfect home in a gated cul de sac or a quirky cottage in an up-and-coming neighborhood, curb appeal is what first greets the prospective homeowner. When showing a listing and retrieving the key from a lockbox, a buyer’s agent often sees a property for the first time along with our clients. And if we have done our homework well, it does match their expectations as to the number of bedrooms, amenities, and price but there is one unseen culprit that can kill a deal – the awful smell of tobacco or way too many cats.

The olfactory reaction is not to be under-estimated. Imagine being on a date with a highly desirable and attractive potential partner, leaning in for the goodnight kiss… and BAM! Terribly bad breath. Kind of ruins it, doesn’t it?

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The home can be staged most elegantly and surfaces cleaned spic and span but if the carpet still harbors pet poodle’s peepee or kitchen reeks of kimchi, it usually means buyers backing out of the door and the entire deal. I am not being overly dramatic but speak of experience. Purchasing a home is the biggest purchases most mortals will ever invest in and whether they have $50,000 or $1,000,000 to spend, they demand perfection.

Mike Calamus, the expert in getting the funk out, explains that especially soft surfaces harbor smells due to the embedded bacteria and masking them with air-fresheners is only a temporary remedy. His Calamus-Enterprises.com boasts an impressive client list from the US government to embassies, so I trust his 14 years of expertise in the industry from Washington DC to Los Angeles and Virginia, Maryland, Florida to Illinois. He guarantees that their Ozone Shock Treatment is a safe and eco-friendly process. Ozone will safely neutralize any unwanted odors reverting back into safe breathable oxygen, leaving your home smelling fresh as a breeze after a thunderstorm. The ozone sanitation process also kills bacteria and viruses, makings ozone treatment is a perfect solution for ‘”sick building” syndrome, especially important in the current virus climate.

To be fully effective, deep cleaning of walls, windows, bathrooms, cabinets, etc prior to ozone treatment needs to be done, using H202 hydrogen peroxide. It is imperative that NO living beings remain on premises during ozone treatment; that means removing all people, pets and even houseplants.

It was interesting to learn that the smell of marijuana is more difficult to eliminate than tobacco stench. So be it getting your Airbnb cleaned up after the spring break or eliminating years of fish-frying from nonna’s kitchen – eco-friendly ozone treatment sounds like a safe and superior method in stamping out the smells.

By Ave Maria Blithe, writer & real estate professional

Mike Calamus

SOURCE: Calamus Enterprises LLC

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