Rising Tech Company Fetii Hints At New Social Media Platform

SAN FRANCISCO / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 /  In 2019, Fetii became the first company to successfully bring a group ride-sharing service to the market. Through their one-of-a-kind app, Fetii users were able to book on-demand vehicles in “Uber-like” fashion to pick their group up. Fetii vehicles ranged from 15 passenger vans to 50 passenger buses as users no longer had to split their group up between multiple vehicles. The app instantly became a hit among the 18-30 year old demographic spreading rapidly within cities in Texas and California.

With the economic slowdown, the company has announced that new developments to the ride-sharing app are already underway. A few resources within the company have also hinted at a new product in development that encompasses a unique story-telling social media platform that is said to be a cross between Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram. No further insight was given other than that the product has been in development over the last 6 months and is scheduled to be released in July or August of 2020.

With almost every kid sitting idle at home and looking for things to do, this new platform could very well be set to go viral during this period of social stagnancy.

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