Phaze Concrete Compares Wood vs. Concrete Frame Condos

Homebuyers count on Phaze Concrete to explain the differences between wood and concrete condos.

CEDAR CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2020 / When homebuyers are shopping for condos and apartments, their first concern is usually regarding how the structure is made. When offered the choice between concrete or wood construction, buyers prefer concrete. However, wood structures do have some benefits. Phaze Concrete, one of the leading construction companies in the United States, compares the pros and cons of concrete and wood frame condos.

Most city codes restrict the height of wood-framed buildings to structures that are six stories or less. Phaze Concrete experts explain that many older residential buildings are made of wood, while newer high rise structures are made of concrete. Although older, many wood frame buildings have character and charm.

Wood frame residential buildings like condos, apartments, and townhouses are cheaper to make for the developers. Phaze Concrete notes that materials are lighter and easier to import and use. Buyers can typically expect to see more open concept floor plans, which have become very popular in recent years. Since wood frame buildings are cheaper to make, they are also less expensive to buy. Phaze Concrete experts explain that buyers looking for a more affordable home will often end up choosing wood-framed housing, which may sometimes even offer a concrete barrier between units to reduce noise transfer.

Although wood frame structures offer many benefits, Phaze Concrete notes that they also provide many disadvantages. As a building ages, it may be prone to leaks, especially in rainy cities. If water reaches the wood frame, it may quickly rot or develop mold. According to Phaze Concrete, wood-frame structures are also at risk for pests like termites, which can deteriorate the soundness of the building.

Taller residential buildings are often made of concrete, which is considered to be a premium build product. Phaze Concrete explains that in addition to offering a view, concrete condos are also extremely sturdy. They require less maintenance and hold up better in severe weather. Since concrete frames cannot burn like wood frames, they are considered to be safer for residents as they help reduce the spread of apartment fires. For buyers thinking long-term, investing in a concrete residential unit is the best way to go. Plus, Phaze Concrete notes that concrete buildings offer more sound privacy and insulation.

When it comes to concrete building disadvantages, the most common concern is cost. Phaze Concrete explains that units are usually smaller and more expensive, leaving buyers feeling like they aren’t getting enough bang for their buck. As mentioned above, concrete buildings offer less noise transfer for speaking and music, which dramatically improves the quality of living. However, when objects are dropped, the sound may sometimes reverberate loudly through to the unit below.

There is no right or wrong choice, only the best choice for the buyer. Phaze Concrete experts always recommend having the building inspected before purchase to reveal any underlying issues. Both options can provide a comfortable, happy home for many years with proper care.


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