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WEST PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2019 / People engage in a lot of activities for enjoyment, and yachting is one of the most fun-filled activities. Owning a luxury yacht comes with some prestige – sort of a status symbol. This is mainly because yachts cost millions to purchase and maintain. And with such a high cost, only the rich can afford luxury yachts.

However, gone are the days when only the super-rich can own a yacht. You can also enjoy the prestige that comes with yacht ownership by subscribing to a fractional yacht ownership. Here, you partly own the boat with other individuals, meaning that all expenses to do with ownership is shared between the co-owners. This will immensely help you in keeping yacht expenses down. Best of all no one but yourself will know you don’t own the yacht outright.

Here are more reasons why owning a yacht is considered a status symbol:

A luxury yacht is not your ‘everyday’ boat. The size of a yacht ranges anywhere from 40ft to 328ft in length. This provides a lot of room for enjoyment – you have enough fun while sailing on the waters.

Yachts come with luxury cabins that can accommodate as many guests as possible, sometimes up to twelve or more. Your friends, family members, or business colleagues can join the fun, and space wouldn’t be a problem. They will have enough accommodations to make their trip quite relaxing and so much fun.

How about a mini bar or galley on the sea? Most yachts come with both indoor and outdoor bar or entertainment area , and professional bartenders ready to mix and serve you your favorite whisky. Get on the deck in the evenings and ‘wet your whistle’ with your co-travelers while staring out at the ocean. Talk about class!

Finely designed dining rooms are typically found in luxury yachts. Your guests would surely have an exciting dining experience. More so, an outdoor dining can also be set to avail your guests to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

What of sun pad or hot tub on the sun deck? Yes, of course. Most luxury yachts have this as well. This way, you can have a soothing bath outdoors, while enjoying the sun. Your guests will definitely love this. In the case of Saveene Fractional Yacht Ownership they offer the ability to use the club where numerous facilities can be found such as pools, hot tubs, gym, billiards, and sauna just to name a few. All to the benefits of its fractional yacht owners.

Many individuals would love to own a yacht, so as to enjoy all these amenities and also the classy-effect that comes with it. However, one major hinderance is the price and upkeep expenses. This shouldn’t be an issue anymore, as offers fractional yacht ownership for individuals that want to enjoy the prestige of yacht ownership. What’s more? – You walk on in style and walk off in style, without bothering about cleaning or maintenance hassles, as the management company takes care of everything. Imagine this case scenario: You agree to meet your family or business partner at the yacht club for a few drinks while you wait for the rest of the family to join you. In the meantime your children, wife or grandkids wish to go sunbathing or to play by the pool. Now that the whole family has arrived you are ready to enjoy your cruise on your private yacht to the Bahamas. The Captain and crew wait for you by your private yacht. The stewardess serves you a few drinks prior to departure. You sail away enjoy your time with your family or business associates and when your trip is done you simply walk off in class and the crew prepares for the clean up and maintenance. Yes it’s that simple with Saveene!


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