CouponBirds Announces Third “Help to Save” Scholarship Winner

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2019 / CouponBirds announced its third “Help to Save” scholarship winner at the end of October. Evan Delp from the University of South Carolina Honors College collected the award and beat out more than 200 other candidates. He gladly accepted the scholarship fund, and CouponBirds received kudos from everyone in the community.

The CouponBirds scholarship program began in 2016. That was just one year after CouponBirds’ own genesis in the marketplace. The company’s ambition is to better everyday life for people everywhere. Through this scholarship initiative, CouponBirds seeks to make life more affordable for exceptional students who actively use CouponBirds services. To that end, CouponBirds awards $1,000 annually to a student, with no strings attached.

Raynalyn Apuya, who studied at the University of Phoenix at the time, earned the first CouponBirds scholarship in 2017. Jacqueline Anne Bast from the University of Buffalo earned the second. More than 20 universities publicized the contest this year. The applications came in from all over the world. CouponBirds uses the applications to get to know these intrepid members of Generation Z. They read the essays and watch the videos to gain new insights into the thought processes of these gifted individuals and to gather suggestions and ideas on building a better future for all. The intelligence and creativity of the candidates are two of the characteristics that CouponBirds values highly while making its decision about the award.

Mr. Delp said in his acceptance speech that he was grateful for scholarship programs like this one. He also said that he thought that it showed a desire, in CouponBirds and other companies, to help students. Further, he remarked that the $1,000 will be instrumental in helping him study abroad next semester.

CouponBirds is both socially aware and socially responsible, which can also be seen in its online Giveaways campaign. The campaign has had more than 10,000 participants since July 4, 2019. The company plans a $5,000 giveaway before Black Friday on November 29, 2019. Tricia Liu, who is CouponBirds’ Chief Operations Officer, recently said that CouponBirds realizes that customers aren’t just looking for great deals or top quality anymore. She also said that they want to know that the money they spend will be used in socially and environmentally conscious ways. Further, she remarked that CouponBirds is leading the way among the companies who are listening.

CouponBirds also encourages students interested in next year’s award to apply now. The deadline for applying is October 20, 2020. To apply students must be at least 16 years of age and either already enrolled in a college or university or have an acceptance letter. They may be of any nationality, but the college they attend must be in either the United States or in Canada. Employees of CouponBirds or their family members are not eligible to apply. The $1,000 award is subject to all applicable taxes. The winner will be notified by email. That person must also contact CouponBirds within seven business days to accept the award. Failure to do so will result in that person’s disqualification.

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