Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier, IVCi, Explains the Benefits of Using a Virtual Data Room at Your Law Firm

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Being a successful law firm requires your clients to have complete trust in your practice to keep their information confidential and protected at all costs. Knowing this, law firms have utilized a variety of options when it comes to keeping client information safe and secured. A more recent development in the tech world is the virtual data room, which is essentially a controlled online storage and distribution system that can only be accessed by those given permission. Oftentimes, documents cannot be shared outside the network or printed, adding to the security of virtual data rooms. Video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi, explains 4 different ways a virtual data room can impact your firm’s office.

  • Confidential Document Reviewing. A virtual data room gives firm partners and employees the ability to view confidential documents safely and securely. Many virtual data rooms prevent sharing, saving, and printing unless specific access is granted, adding an additional level of security to the office. However, staff who need to use the documents for case write-ups or reviews can utilize confidential documents by accessing the virtual room at any time they need, providing they receive the right permissions.
  • Maintains Partnerships. Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships is a very important part of any industry, but especially so in law. When exchanging valuable information between partners, it’s essential to ensure that intellectual property and other confidential data is protected for both parties. A virtual data room provides an outlet for this information to be stored, shared, and protected all at once.
  • Increases Communication. With all essential firm data in one place, there can be increased communication among partners, staff, and branches. The virtual data room provides a single space for all firm exchanges to occur, which can be especially useful during real estate or merger and acquisition cases, where parties must do a lot of communication before terms are met and deals are made.
  • Secures Document Sharing. The greatest benefit of virtual data rooms lies in its security. Due to law involving many secure and confidential documents, keeping them protected, but also accessible to those who need them, is key to positive client satisfaction and firm performance. Virtual data rooms provide a reliable, secure, and accessible place to view and disclose confidential documents related to client cases with authorized parties.

Virtual data rooms can have a great positive impact on your law firm office, especially in terms of your firm’s security and communication. Improving these two factors can bring major benefits to your firm’s reputation with collaborators and clients. Look into how virtual data room can fit into your company today and see what they can do for your firm.

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