CCIX Consortium Expands Ecosystem with Public Version of the CCIX Specification

Acceleration of CCIX Implementation with Update to the Base Specification

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CCIX–The CCIX Consortium (CCIX) announced the public availability of the CCIX Base Specification Revision 1.0a v1.0 for evaluation to enable a broader understanding and adoption of CCIX technology. The public version of the CCIX specification provides an opportunity for non-consortium members to review the CCIX Base Specification, which has been available to CCIX Consortium members since June 2018. The CCIX Consortium is also releasing a full version of the CCIX Base Specification Revision 1.0a to members.

The CCIX specification is an interconnect standard which provides cache coherency for accelerators and memory expansion peripheral devices connecting to processors independent of the instruction set architectures (ISAs) in today’s heterogeneous compute architectures. CCIX extends the benefits of peer processing to acceleration devices, allowing system designers to take advantage of task optimized processing to deliver more power, performance and cost optimized solutions. The CCIX specification utilizes PCI Express® technology, allowing system architects to easily implement CCIX in alignment with current and future PCIe specifications and benefit from its evolving data rates.

The CCIX Consortium is providing a public version of the CCIX Base Specification 1.0a, allowing non-member companies to explore the key benefits of CCIX’s chip-to-chip interconnect. The public version of the CCIX Base Specification 1.0a includes all of the Base Specification 1.0a chapters with the exception of the CCIX PHY chapter, which remains limited to CCIX Consortium members.

The full version of the CCIX Base Specification 1.0a, reserved for Consortium members, includes specific clarifications in the Transaction layer, Datalink layer, and Reliability and Serviceability (RAS), to better help Consortium Members’ implementation of the CCIX Standard.

Membership in the CCIX Consortium also provides access to the rights and protections under the intellectual property rights (IPR) policy to use CCIX technology and early access during the development of future specifications. Non-members will need to join the CCIX Consortium to use CCIX technology in their products.

“As the industry demand for a robust cache-coherent interconnect for processors and devices grows, it is important that system designers understand how CCIX can help them optimize and simplify their heterogeneous systems,” said Gaurav Singh, CCIX Chairman. “By providing this public version of the CCIX specification, non-consortium members can identify how our open interconnect enables cache coherency, additional bandwidth and reduced latency across all PCI Express generations and benefits not only their own designs, but the industry as a whole.”


The CCIX Base Specification 1.0a v1.0 for evaluation is available at

Consortium Members can access the full CCIX Base Specification 1.0a via their Member Login at

CCIX Consortium members will be at Flash Memory Summit, August 6-8, Santa Clara, CA Booth #948 to discuss the evaluation version of the CCIX Base Specification 1.0a and explain how the CCIX Standard enables non-volatile memory expansion in heterogeneous systems.

About CCIX Consortium, Inc.

CCIX Consortium was founded to enable a new class of interconnect focused on emerging acceleration applications such as machine learning, network processing, storage off-load, in-memory database and 4G/5G wireless technology. The standard allows processors based on different instruction set architectures to extend the benefits of cache coherent, peer processing to acceleration devices including FPGAs, GPUs, network/storage adapters, intelligent networks, and custom ASICs, allowing system designers to seamlessly integrate the right combination of heterogeneous components for their specific system needs. For more information, please visit


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