Creative Music Alliance, Paramount Elites and Wayou Boston Education Institute form Alliances in the Music Education Industry

HONG KONG, Jul 12, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – Creative Music Alliance collaborates with Paramount Elites and Wayou Boston Institute to form a business alliance targeting the music education industry in the Asia Pacific Region. Paramount Elites was appointed the sole franchise distributor in the Asia Pacific Region while Wayou Boston Institute collaborates as its business counterpart in The United States of America, sharing both resources and expertise. The aim is to build a one-stop platform (Online and Offline) where music education, musicians/artists incubation and original music creation form its core businesses.

On 6 July 2019, Creative Music Alliance held a press conference at Hotel Renaissance in Beijing, China to announce its business collaborations with Paramount Elites and Wayou Boston Education Institute. Among the companies’ top management present were Creative Music Alliance Director of Music, Mr Wei Chenxi, Wayou Boston Education Institute Asia Representative, Ms Zhao Hui, Paramount Elites Asia Pacific CEO, Mr Shane Rice and Paramount Elites Asia Pacific Sales Director, Mr James Tan.

Creative Music Alliance and Wayou Boston Education Institutes seek to conduct frequent international exchanges between both The United States of America and The Republic of China with the aim of promoting and developing both the Chinese and American music industry. Creative Music Alliance’s other business partner, Paramount Elites will be its sole franchising distributor in the Asia Pacific region, responsible for promoting and marketing the Creative Music Alliance’s brand.

Creative Music Alliance Director of Music, Mr Wei Chenxi said: Creative Music Alliance’s business model is divided into 3 segments, namely ‘Education’, ‘Incubation’ and ‘Creation’. ‘Education’ refers to the music education portion where the alliance’s music schools are supporting. The focus will be on providing educational support for music-loving students gaining entry to the various music colleges in China. Other programs such as Adult Vocal Training, Music Interaction Study Tour and Overseas Degree Programs are also available.

‘Incubation’ portion refers to the incubation of artists and musicians through collaboration with popular music and video apps such as Tik Tok and Zing to promote upcoming music talents from within. Finally, the ‘Creation’ segment will cover the whole process of creating and publishing original music pieces. With Zing Music Apps online musicians community and Creative Music Alliance’s professional recording studios, we can create a platform where music lovers can get acquainted through music, sublimate through education, and finally produce their own original single or album in our professional recording studios and promoting it through our online music and video app partners.

Wayou Boston Education Institute Asia Representative, Ms Zhao Hui added: Wayou Boston has many years of experience in international talents exporting and cultivation, and has successfully collaborated with top music and art colleges such as Berklee College of Music and Boston University in the United States. It has helped produce hundreds of music and art graduates in the last few years. In her speech, she also expressed her optimism about Creative Music Alliance’s business model, and a win-win collaboration with it as the two companies work together towards improving the music education sector in China.

Paramount Elites Asia Pacific CEO, Mr Shane Rice who had flown in from the United States one day prior to the event remarked: The collaboration with Creative Music Alliance marks the start of our second business development phase. It complements with our first business development phase which includes establishing our online presence and big data analytics network through alliance partnerships like that of Zing Music App. Now with the addition of Creative Music Alliance, we are in the process of completing a unique O2O (Online to Offline) model in the original music industry. Sales Director Mr James Tan was responsible for the introduction of the company’s two franchise models, namely the flagship stores and the franchise stores. The flagship stores will be managed directly by Creative Music Alliance and it is expected to open only two such stores in China, one in the Northern part and one in the Southern part. The franchise stores which are wholly owned by Paramount Elites and its partners on the other hand are expected to grow to 20 stores in 2020.

The press conference ended with the performance of two special guests, Xidan Girl and Li Yingxia. Both ladies have got very different life journey but shared the same love of music and learning path as musicians. Xidan Girl started off as a street performer and eventually gain fame through a music competition. Li Yingxia on the other hand, is a survivor from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake which took away both her legs. However, her positive attitude towards life made her stronger and she eventually won first in a talent show and became a well-known celebrity in China. They jointly performed the song “Invisible Wings” to the delight of the adoring crowd. Both ladies are working long term with Creative Music Alliance with Xidan Girl taking on the role of a councillor at Creative’s music schools. Meanwhile, Creative Music Alliance are working on a new single with Li Yingxia. The single is stated to be released in September. Inside sources also claim that Paramount Elites is keen to appoint Li Yingxia as ambassador of their charity fund which will be used to help the children and the needy in China and Southeast Asia.

The refreshing business model of Creative Music Alliance looks to cook up a storm in the otherwise serene China’s music education industry. With no obvious market leader in sight, will Creative Music Alliance take charge and create its own legacy? Increasing market demand suggests that the ingredients for success are certainly there for the taking.

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