Elysium Analytics Launches First Cognitive SIEM

Modern SIEM platform drives critical new SOC intelligence to counter
polymorphic, advanced cybersecurity threats

, the cognitive cybersecurity business incubated by System
Soft Technologies
, today announced the availability of the
industry’s first cognitive security information and event management
platform (Cognitive SIEMTM).

The Elysium Cognitive SIEM’s user entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
applies machine learning (ML) to streaming data to deliver real-time
advanced decision-making through contextual threat behavior analysis. As
cyberthreats become more dynamic and elusive, the platform offers
unmatched vulnerability identification and detection, particularly
against constantly-evolving polymorphic hacking approaches.

At the core of the Cognitive SIEM is a unique UEBA engine that enhances
the real-time identification of anomalous behavior from compromised
users, devices, applications, servers, data, or IP addresses. The
Elysium Cognitive SIEM, in contrast to legacy SIEM solutions, helps the
security operations center (SOC) find known and unknown threats in real
time. The platform operates standalone or complements a customer’s
existing SIEM systems to reduce detection time from months to minutes.

The Elysium Cognitive SIEM dramatically reduces lost data, negative
financial impacts, and interruptions to business operations. With this
platform, organizations can manage and retain an unlimited amount of
data at the industry’s lowest cost.

In 2018, according to the Ponemon Institute, the cost of an average data
breach to a U.S. company was $7.91m, and the average time it took to
identify a data breach was 196 days.1 Coupled with this,
Juniper Research expects more than half of all data breaches globally to
occur in the United States by 2023.2

“These statistics show what today’s enterprises are up against – they’re
losing ground to malicious actors who are leveraging polymorphic malware
and utilizing advanced adversarial tools that are more capable than
current cybersecurity solutions,” said Satish Abburi, Founder, Elysium

“Our mission is to utilize cutting-edge technologies – artificial
intelligence, machine learning and deep learning – and subject matter
expertise to battle bad actors. We’re enabling increased speed and
accuracy of decision-making needed in the SOC to handle cybersecurity
threats that are increasingly insidious, numerous and dangerous.”

According to Joanna
, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, “By 2021, artificial
intelligence in the form of machine learning will play a significant
role in the security learning landscape, offering personalized learning
experiences and increasing retention of information.”3

Elysium Analytics customers benefit from:

  • Machine learning with interpretable models
  • ML-based integrated threat hunting and threat detection workflows that
    deliver real-time incident resolution
  • Sophisticated, confidence-based automation of level 1 SOC analyst
    functions with advanced “Kill Chain” functionality
  • An open source platform architecture to stay ahead of dynamic,
    evolving threats
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Prioritization of threats with risk-based scoring for users and
  • An open data model that streamlines and accelerates analytics
  • The baselining of users and entities

“Based on market demand, we made a significant investment in Elysium
Analytics and see it outperforming our expectations,” said Sreedhar
Veeramachineni, CEO System Soft Technologies.

Elysium Cognitive SIEM is available in 4 form factors:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • On-prem fully-configured appliance from PSSC, incorporating Cloudera
    Metron, Zoomdata

Learn more about the Elysium cognitive analytics and modern SIEM here,
and read our company blog here.

Please join us for our next webinar, “Countering
Polymorphic Threats in Cybersecurity,”
on February 26, 2019, at 11am

About System Soft Technologies

Systems Soft Technologies (SSTech), founded in 1999, is a $125m+ IT
services and solutions company, headquartered in Tampa, FL with offices
in the US and India. SSTech is the incubator for two major data
analytics businesses, Elysium Analytics and Delphian Trading.

Elysium Analytics develops enterprise cybersecurity solutions,
including its flagship Cognitive SIEM platform, powered by AI and
machine learning. Delphian Trading provides a financial
derivatives and currency trade-backtesting platform leveraging
predictive analytics to simplify the development of strategies to
increase alpha.

Learn more about System
Soft Technologies
, Elysium
and Delphian

1 2018: Report, “Cost of a data
breach,” Ponemon Institute.
2 2018: Norton/Juniper
3 Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Security
Awareness Computer-Based Training, 13 November 2018


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