DNA Script Announces World’s First Enzymatic Synthesis of a High-Purity 200-Nucleotide Strand of DNA

Dr. Geoff Smith and Dr. Robert Nicol join the newly created Advisory
Board as the company gears up to commercialize its trailblazing
enzymatic DNA synthesis technology.

MARCO ISLAND, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Here at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General
Meeting, DNA Script, the global leader in the development of enzymatic
DNA synthesis, today announced that it has successfully synthesized the
world’s first 200-nucleotide (nt) strand of DNA by de novo enzymatic
synthesis. This technological achievement builds on the company’s
previous success with the enzymatic synthesis of both 50nt and 150nt
strands of DNA.

To support DNA Script’s mission to commercialize the company’s enzymatic
synthesis techniques and to support continued research and development,
the company also today announced the formation of a Scientific Advisory
Board with the appointment of two key advisers: Dr. Geoff Smith and Dr.
Robert Nicol — with Dr. Smith serving as chair.

“Current chemical approaches are too limited to serve the growing demand
for synthetic nucleic acids by the burgeoning life sciences industry.
It’s no surprise that DNA Script is one of many organizations pursuing
enzymatic synthesis, which has the potential to be faster, higher
quality and cleaner than current commercial solutions done with the aid
of phosphoramidite reagents,” said Thomas Ybert, CEO and cofounder of
DNA Script. “Our success in achieving three successive length and purity
milestones in less than a year is what sets apart DNA Script’s approach
from the rest of the field.”

As the field of genomics accelerates, innovative genome editing
technologies are driving advancements in life science research. The
market for synthetic nucleic acids has expanded to over $1.5 billion per
year globally, but the demand is not always met. For the past 50 years,
synthetic DNA has been manufactured through a complex chemical process
with limitations in terms of quality, turn-around time and manufacturing
flexibility, with processes that are not environmentally sustainable. In
contrast, DNA Script has developed a novel biochemical process for DNA
and RNA synthesis based on the use of highly efficient enzymes. This
technology mimics the way nature produces genetic code and enables
enhanced performance while minimizing the use of harsh chemicals.

Dr. Geoff Smith joins DNA Script as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory
Board. Dr. Smith is a world expert in genomic technologies and their
applications. He spent more than 10 years working at Solexa/Illumina,
where he led the development of many aspects of the core SBS sequencing
chemistry, workflows and platforms, becoming Vice President leading
technology development globally and clinical product development for
cell-free DNA testing in pregnancy (NIPT). After leaving Illumina, Dr.
Smith was CEO of Cambridge Epigenetix, a spin-off from Cambridge
University, and he now works as an advisor to a broad portfolio of
companies in the genomics space.

Dr. Robert Nicol joins DNA Script as Scientific Advisor. Dr. Nicol is
director of the Technology Labs at the Broad Institute of MIT and
Harvard. Under Dr. Nicol’s guidance, the Technology Labs serve as an
advanced R&D group within the institute, integrating capabilities in
molecular biology, bioengineering, synthetic biology, microfluidics,
bioinformatics and industrial process design to meet the needs of the
Broad community. Dr. Nicol is also cofounder of the MIT–Broad Foundry
for Synthetic Biology. Robert joined the Whitehead Institute/MIT Center
for Genome Research in 2001 to apply industrial process design to genome
sequencing and directed the Sequencing Operations and Technology
Development groups at the Broad for over 12 years, designing and
implementing multiple generations of high-throughput DNA sequencing

Dr. Ybert continued, “The creation of a Scientific Advisory Board is an
important step in the transition from research stage to development and
manufacturing stage. We are very pleased to have Geoff and Rob join us
as advisors. Their extensive experience and proven track record will
help us follow an aggressive roadmap to turn the company’s technology
into successful commercial products. Our first goal is for our enzymatic
process to surpass the performance of the current gold standard in DNA
synthesis, the phosphoramidite method. Then, we want to leverage our
proprietary biochemistry to take the enzymatic approach to the next
level. Geoff and Rob are amongst the best experts in the world to help
us do that.”

About DNA Script
Founded in 2014 in Paris, DNA Script is the
world’s leading company in manufacturing de novo synthetic
nucleic acids using an enzymatic technology. The company aims to
accelerate innovation in life sciences and technology through rapid,
affordable and high-quality DNA synthesis. DNA Script’s approach
leverages billions of years of natural evolution to enable genome-scale
synthesis. The company’s technology has the potential to greatly
accelerate the development of new therapeutics, enhanced diagnostics,
sustainable chemical production, improved crops and DNA data storage. www.dnascript.co


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