City of Wilmington, Ohio Joins Growing Number of Communities Adopting FATHOM’s Smart Grid for Water

Wilmington selects FATHOM as long-term partner to completely
modernize customer service infrastructure, technology, and business

Water Management Inc.
(“FATHOM”) recently announced that the City of
Wilmington, Ohio has chosen to adopt FATHOM’s Smart Grid for Water to
update infrastructure, deliver web and mobile tools, and modernize
customer service for Wilmington residents.

Wilmington leaders will rely on FATHOM to validate their billing data to
ensure all customers are billed accurately and fairly. They also aim to
enable residents to better manage their water bills by providing them
with actionable information about their usage and bills.

The Smart Grid for Water has seen a decade of success. It is a
risk-free, turn-key, integrated solution that combines physical and
digital smart metering infrastructure to recover lost revenue, better
manage assets, and delight customers. Wilmington officials were seeking
a proven partner who could complete this project without requiring a
rate increase, and they found that partner in FATHOM.

The City’s existing water metering system will be upgraded to
state-of-the-art, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) by another
long-time FATHOM partner, Master Meter. This upgrade will deliver 720
meter reads per month per meter, and eliminate the need for City staff
to obtain manual meter reads. This AMI technology will deliver real-time
information to drive decision making, and real-time analytics to
proactively identify costly issues such as water leaks and even water

When combined with FATHOM’s Smart Grid for Water, the new AMI system
will address discrepancies in the City’s billing system and provide an
easy-to-use customer portal for residents to access their account
information 24/7, see water usage data, pay bills, view payment history,
and sign up for alerts and notifications. With alerting capabilities,
the City expects to reduce the number of bill adjustments required and
help customers avoid unexpected high bills. With FATHOM, Wilmington
customers will have more ways to pay their bill and receive proactive
reminders to pay – reducing the risk of having services disconnected.

“We are excited to partner with FATHOM to deliver excellent service to
our residents and receive critical, real-time data and analytics to
drive important decisions about the future of affordable water in
Wilmington,” says Brian Shidaker, Safety-Service Director, City of

Work on this project began in January and is expected to be completed
this summer.

“The Smart Grid for Water was developed to better manage capital
investment, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service when we
owned utilities. Today, we look forward to delivering The Smart Grid for
Water to the City of Wilmington to help them become a more sustainable
community. We are delighted that Wilmington has decided to join our
growing community of innovative water utilities,” says FATHOM President
and Chief Growth Officer, Jason Bethke.

To learn more, view FATHOM’s webinar: What
is The Smart Grid for Water?


FATHOM’s Smart Grid for Water is transforming the municipal water
utility industry. With a rapidly growing community of cities serving
over a quarter of a million households, FATHOM leverages economies of
scale to deliver affordable water into the future. The Smart Grid for
Water is a comprehensive solution – including infrastructure, software,
services, and a community of industry experts. Water utilities of all
sizes can snap in to The Smart Grid to access a more intelligent
and prepared infrastructure, drive higher quality and actionable
information, deliver better customer service, and unlock revenue to both
solve current financial constraints and fund future infrastructure
needs. To learn more, visit
There is strength in numbers.


Media Contact
Jason Bethke
President and Chief Growth
Officer, FATHOM

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