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Preview Publish for date 2014-10-31

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Florida National Gaurd to retire OH 58 Kiowa helicopter

PA Live Prime: Valentine's Jewelers October 29, 2014
More on the found everything that the beaumont has to offer. We're back in the studio. No that the we want to rush the season but there are only five, make that eight fridays until christmas, talk about rushing the season. Wow, no worries, valentines jewelers in dallas are ready to make your holiday shopping experience a true pleasure. Alba and danielle is here, one of your newest staff members, thank you for being here. I like to introduce danielle. She is our store manager. She comes to us with 21 years of experience in thes jewelry business. That is one ever the things i noticed when i go to the shop. You don't have part timers that don't know the jewelry business. You have a lot of experienced staff that can help you with whatever that you need. Absolutely. Because when you walk in the door we want to be able to inform you and guide you in the direction to which you want to be guided so that the person, so you will be a hero with the american you are buying a gift for. The latest trend for the holidays is called endless jewelry charm bracelets. Tell us about this. The endless jewelry is the hottest trend. It has taken europe by storm and now it is here. We are, to celebrate we're offering a double bracelet and a charm. It's $100 value for $69. That is a tremendous deal. These look like bracelets that are unique and just you can look like you could add a number of different charms to them. Absolutely. They have the rose, the white, yellow, they have dangles, crystals, one of my favorites is the lepppard. Beautiful. I love that. Another style that you have, rhythm of love that. Is so popular. It buffet on the scene recently. It has been around for about a year. But it will explode this year. It's a patented technology and it makes the diamond move with the beat of your heart so it's constantly moving and constantly beautiful. We have expanded the collection so that it starts at -- anybody who wants to buy a nice christmas. With only friday fritz left before smacks 100 bucks for fine jewelry, you have to love it and we'll wrap things up with alex and ani. So many people are looking for these. We've sold thousands this year. They will be the hottest thing at christmas this year. Is you can stack then. You can stack three. Five, nine, some people only 15-20. They basically mark every significant moment of your life and they are, they started a $28 so they're affordable for everyone. Perfect. So many great ideas, for the viewers that like to find out more, how can they do that? Check out the website. Most of what we have is on the website. We have a showing site. Valentine, check out valentine as you fine jewelry or come in. Wields' love to see you. Check it out for your pleasant shopping holiday experience. Thank you so much.

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