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Date 2016-08-27

Business News:
Spotify Said to Retaliate Against Apples Exclusive Artists
(Bloomberg) -- An escalating battle between Apple Inc. and Spotify Ltd. is leaving some musicians caught in the crossfire.

State Fair kicks off in Pueblo
144th annual State Fair opens its gates to big crowds on Friday.

Content Insider # 482 - Millennial Priorities
Influencing Gen Yers Requires Different Channels, Different Messages
Ever notice that your generation was the world's worst? Well no there's a worse one...the one right behind you. They're lazy, self-centered, self-focused and doing their damdest to kick the older generation out of the way so they can reshape the world the right way...their way. Well millenials are worse than the worst. Just ask boomers and university-locked theoreticians who study things going on around them without getting their hands dirty. Sure millenials are different. Technology accelerated and accentuated the change and if you're going to reach them (sell em stuff) talk to them where they're at in terms of their needs, priorities and things will look better...honest!

Home Foreclosures To Rise in Mesa County
This could break a four year trend

Alstom, Amtrak Deal Has Hornell and Surrounding Area Happy
Alstom, Amtrak Deal Has Hornell and Surrounding Area Happy


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